The Brassicas

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The Brassicas are broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnips, collards, kale and Bok choy, kohlrabi, mustards, arugula, and a few lesser known veggies.  One of the MANY benefits of the brassicas is a phytochemical known as sulforaphane, of which broccoli has the most.  What are the benefits of sulforaphanes? (See below)

NOTE: We grow the individual microgreen brassicas in bold above and we also have a Basic Mix and Spicy mix that are a blend of the bold brassicas. 

What are the benefits of sulforaphanes?

1) Promotes Detoxification

2) Prevents and Combats Cancer

3) Lowers Cholesterol

4) Prevents and Combats Heart & Cardiovascular Disease

5) May Combat Obesity

6) Improves Diabetes

7) Can Boost the Immune System

8) Is Antiviral

9) Combats Bacterial and Fungal Infections

10) Protects the Skin

11) Combats Inflammation

12) May Combat Depression and Anxiety

13) Protects the Brain and Restores Cognitive Function

14) May Help with Parkinson’s Disease

15) May Help with Alzheimer’s Disease

16) May Help with Huntington’s Disease

17) May Prevent Seizures

18) Improves Schizophrenia

19) May Be Beneficial for Substance Abuse

20) May Improve Autism Symptoms

21) Can Protect Against GI Injury and Inflammation

22) Combats H. pylori

23) Improves Liver Function

24) Reduces Health Damage from Pollution

25) May Be Beneficial for Airway Inflammation and Asthma

26) Combats Autoimmune Inflammation

27) Can Reduce Pain

28) Can Promote Bone Formation

29) Can Be Beneficial for Arthritis

30) Can Prevent Muscle Damage

31) May Be Beneficial for Muscular Dystrophy

32) Can Protect the Kidneys

33) Can Support Hair Growth

34) Can Increase Alcohol Tolerance

35) May Be Beneficial in Pregnancy and May Increase Offspring Health

36) Protects the Eyes

37) May Be Beneficial Against Keloids

38) May Improve Bladder Dysfunction

39) May Benefit Children with HGPS


Sulforaphane Negatives

1) May Transiently Decrease Genome Stability

2) Excessive Consumption May or May Not Cause Liver Toxicity


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  1. They have several benefits and I would like to try some of them. I didn’t know they have this excellent benefits other than they are nutritious.

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